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The main difference between the primitive day¡¯s body jewelry sale and the modern day¡¯s primitive jewelry is not only in the case of material that is used in it and the location of wearing it but the difference was also in the purpose of wearing it too. The location of piercing the body is widely experimented by different people and in some places due to some orthodox belief too piercing is done. Some of the common unique body piercing jewelry that is worn by the people is belly button ring, tongue ring or labret jewelry etc. When the body is pierced then in that vary pierced area of the body you can wear the steel ring body piercing jewelry and in the ring then some ribbon or string is connected so to connect the piercing at the end. Some decades ago when we talked about the body piercing jewelry then this jewelry is generally worn on the nose and ear but now a day some of the piercing jewelry is worn on the various parts of the body like corset piercing jewelry, jaw or ankle or heel piercing jewelry, toe and eyelid piercing jewelry etc. The body piercing jewelry that you select for your body should be made from some good quality material so to avoid any sort of infection in the body. Some of the materials that are used in making the body piercing jewelry are gold or anodized or silver, bronzeBusiness Management Articles, titanium and platinum. The art of body piercing is in practice since past and so different a type of body piercing jewelry is used in the pierced area of the body. The body piercing jewelry that is used in the belly button comes in the shape of star or dragon fly or butterfly or bird or flower etc and this type of is famous among young girls and women. If man pierce their naval then the body piercing jewelry that they use are those jewelry that are designed with dragon or the ring with a cross sign or similar type of simple design.